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October 5, 2006 at 4:28 am (Art, Music, T.V., Theology)

Why are Christians too afraid to do what they want with art? Why are they too concerned if it is too “Liberal”? Why is it that they are afraid to use all the colors from the palate that God gave them to use and enjoy? Why is it that I see little to no Christian artists, actors, directors, writers, and musicians in the mainstream? We need to bring in people through our gifts. We will not be able to bring in people by sitting back and being bland and “conservative” with our art; it needs to be elaborate, aesthetically pleasing, and at the same calibre as the mainstream. We need to be hip. We need to be fresh.

Here’s and example: I watched a movie called The Single’s Ward, a romantic comedy made by the Church of Latter-day Saints in Utah about mormonism; it is a hilarious movie. I consider it one of my favorite movies, and believe it or not, if I were not a Christian when I saw this movie, I might have become a Mormon. Why don’t we have any movies that make people want to be Christians?

Why is new music such as jazz, new age, and rock so frowned down upon in today’s christian circles? Bach’s music at one time was considered revolutionary and even atonal. What exactly is wrong with syncopation (many hymns with a compound meter are quite syncopated), or a guitar making a certain sound, or a piano playing a certain chord, or even how these chords are arranged in a piece of music? Why do we sing hymns composed by Mozart, a pervert? Why do we enjoy listening to the 1812 Overture or Russian Orthodox Chants composed by Tchaikovsky, a homosexual?

We must break out of our shell and be amazing artists; we should be at the top of our field. God did not create art so it can be limited; He created it so we can use it in a way that there is no doubt that God exists.

This discussion was inspired by this article by James DeMar, a son of a really really cool dude.



  1. Rob said,

    lol rant

  2. frank said,

    Ha… it felt good though ^_^

  3. Senora Happy said,

    “We must break out of our shell and be amazing artists; we should be at the top of our field.”

    AMEN to dat. Now, go forth and study art as God created it. Tell me that He hasn’t created things that are BEAUTIful. In this English teacher’s (humble, of course!) opinion, that’s what our art should reflect. The sad fact though is that we settle for “cool” or “nice” or even “I like it” instead of beautiful. (I haven’t even gotten to the “meaningful” part of the lecture.) (And some time I’ll show you a few videos that have been used to introduce Christ to several people.)

    The other thing to consider is that the attention of many Christians is pulled from the pursuit of art by “real” life. YOU are just getting that to excel in music is to sacrifice time and sweat. (Your teacher might tell you that 2 hours is only a fraction of what you should and could invest to be excellent.) At some point, there may be a time when you will have to chose between ministry and music–and maybe you won’t. Both take incredible amounts of time. At this point, learn all you can about music. Be a prodigy. Pursue what you’re good at. That’s what this time in your life is about.

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